Terms & Conditions

Biospace Technologies Pvt Ltd is all set to conquer the academic domain of the future world . It is a digitised academics revolution which leaves one tension and stress free. The Goal of Relaxstudy is to support the academic excellence of the students. A Laptop or Desktop is the Key to your widespered education. Anyone from nook and corners of the world can access the class irrespective of time and place. Relaxstudy provides its benifactors Video classes embeded in DVDs.

The classes are handled by the experts for those who persue an excellent academic performance from 10th, 11th & 12th classes for CBSE / State students. Subjects supposed under Relaxstudy are Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology. Along with Video Tutorial, we are providing Previous Year Question Papers, Chapter wise Question Answers to prepare the students for the exam in a better way.

It is a coaching course one can attend free off tension and stress with a fully relaxed mind. All Subjects video tutorials are available for the students in any time. Student can attend the pre-recorded video classes at their own time. We have stored 100 percentage of all subjects modules divided and created as different videos.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Students registered with Biospace Technologies Pvt Ltd is not permitted to share their DVDs or CD-Key details with other students.

2. Registration and DVDs Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

3.Copy right of Video Tutorials, Notes and other materials downloaded from the site will remain as the property of the provider. Hence registration will not be allowed to circulate or sell them for financial gains.

4. Student tutor relationship will be in force only during the period of the course opted and hence content faculty will be confined to the said period only.

5. Complaints relating to the course, if any, should be brought to the notice of the director for redressal.

6. Relaxstudy DVDs Unauthorized public performance broadcasting, web casting and copying of this work or part thereof in any manner of this recordings is prohibited and liable for penal action.